Sunday 10th March

In what proved to be a challenging away game for Burnley Senior Squad, the team faced Macclesfield with a depleted squad. The journey of over an hour to Macclesfield, coupled with the dual challenges of Mother's Day commitments and injuries, set the stage for a formidable encounter.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the team's unwavering commitment and resilience were evident until the final whistle, but today just was not our day. 

                                                                                        Players Player – Rebecca Duckworth
                                                                                        Coaches Player - Emma Dobson & Ellie Moores
                                                                                        Opponents Player - Rebecca Duckworth


SUNDAY 25th FEB 2024


Burnley Seniors showcased an outstanding performance in their match against Chester on Sunday, 25th February 2024.

Burnley's determination and strategic play prevailed and they came away with a valuable win.


Well done to our players of the match:

Coaches Player - Kathryn Hanson
Opponent's Player - Ellie Moores
Players Player - Kathryn Hanson


22 FEB 2024


Big thanks to Trafford for travelling over to Burnley to challenge our Senior squad.  It was a very competative and enjoyable game, which gave Burnley the opportunity to try out new combinations.


Final score -  Burnley 50 - Trafford 47

January 7th 2024

First game back and what a game both Burnley & DNA were out for the win.  Despite the challenges faced in this game, the resilience and determination displayed by the Burnley team were commendable. It's clear that the team refused to give up, showcasing a strong spirit and commitment until the very end.

Final Score: Burnley 29, DNA 45.
Congratulations to our players of the match well done 
Players Player -Natasha Mols and Opponents and Coaches player Abbey Fletcher
And of course thank you to all our Volunteers




From the very start it was promising to be a nail biter and it didn't dissapoint.


A fantastic performance from both sides but the experience of the Burnley Squad pulled off the win...

Another great begining to our Northwest Champs sesaon and looking forward to what 2024 brings...


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all......

Approx 35 years ago, Linda Moores crossed paths with a netball enthusiast who, believe it or not, was even more netball-mad than she was. This remarkable lady not only shared a wealth of knowledge but also imparted the essential skills and qualities of being a coach to Linda and Sharon Doney at the time. Thanks to her guidance, Linda and Sharon got the Club off the ground and Linda found herself inspired to continue her coaching journey.
But the story doesn't end there—this lady turned out to be a profound influence on Linda's daughters (Me and Shrona Moores ) as well. She coached us both through our Lancashire and England Development squad journey when we were younger, leaving an indelible mark on your netball life.
Linda and this lady stayed connected over the years, and it was truly inspiring to witness her ongoing journey. Fast forward to last night, 16 Nov 2023, and the magic happened again. Marian Lofthouse had arrived at our training ground in Burnley – with her Ribble Valley Prem Team! (gulp!)
The Burnley Seniors lent a helping hand to their training as this week they were without a venue. So, naturally, our Burnley girls, never ones to shy away from a challenge, embraced the opportunity with open arms.
With Burnley having a fantastic lineup of 13 players, consisting of some of our training partners and the Champs 2 team we knew we were going to gain some valuable experience, experimenting with our set plays, and game flow,. The result? A phenomenal game that unfolded over 6 rounds of 10 minutes each and finished in a Burnley 45, Ribble Valley 52.
Safe to say, both teams showcased fantastic netball skills, and we couldn't be prouder to have Marion back on our home turf. It was a pleasure showing her just how fantastic our players are and proving that we don't give up easily.
What a fantastic evening and game. Thank you so much to the lovely girls and Marian for the opportunity and gracing us with your presence x

Last Sunday witnessed a clash of titans as Burnley went head-to-head with Formby.

Before the intense battle kicked off, a moment of solemnity swept across the field as both teams observed a minute of silence to pay their respects on Remembrance Day. 


At the final whistle the scoreboard illuminated a hard-earned victory: Burnley 52, Formby 45. It was a fantastic game against a formidable opponent, a testament to the spirit and skill of both teams.
Despite the challenges and errors, Burnley emerged triumphant, showcasing the kind of grit that defines champions. The cheers from the fans echoed the pride of a well-fought battle, a victory well-deserved.
Well done to our players of the match Stephanie DuckettRebecca Duckworth and Olivia Sophie - extremely well deserved!


                               2 NOVEMBER 2023

Our Burnley squad were keen to get some court time against a very organised and skillful Leyland team

Burnley made lots of changes to explore different combinations ensuring that all squad members took the court 3/6 rounds of play.

Whilst the end result did not go our way, it was a thouroughly enjoyable and valuable experience for all players.

Coaches player of the Match - Natasha Mols

Players Player of the Match -  Natasha Mols

The Burnley Seniors had demonstrated unwavering determination, strength, fitness, calmness, and experience throughout the match. Their efforts culminated in a well-deserved victory. It was a moment of jubilation for the team and their supporters as they celebrated a hard-fought and exhilarating win.
HUGE WELL DONE to our players of the match Rebecca Duckworth gained the opponents player of the match and coaches player of the match which was absolutely well deserved.  Abby Fletcher took the players player of the match again extremely well deserved - but KUDOS to the whole team who dug deep every quarter.
The Burnley Seniors started their season on a high note, securing a convincing victory over Ribble Valley. It was a fantastic beginning to what promises to be a challenging season ahead. With unwavering determination and teamwork, Burnley demonstrated their readiness for the challenges that lie ahead. The road may not be easy, but the Burnley Netball Team is undoubtedly prepared to give it their all-in pursuit of their goals.
Well done to our players of the Match, very well deserved and great strength showed by all.
OPPOTM – Stephanie Duckett
PPOTM – Rebecca Duckworth
CPOTM – Ellie Moores



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