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  • Carole Blacklock (Wednesday, August 08 18 09:28 pm BST)

    Hi,I am enquiringly on behalf of my 12 year old granddaughter. She Is interested in joining a team. Could you please send some information.

  • Emily Reffin (Tuesday, June 05 18 09:54 pm BST)

    Hi. I am interested in playing netball again, I'm 24 but haven't played since primary school. I used to play as GK but willing to try any position. My number is 07931615522

  • Annie Milner (Thursday, May 31 18 06:59 pm BST)

    Hi I am an ex netball player, I adore netball and love to play, all throughout primary and high school I was the netball captain and was very much involved in behind the scenes as well as playing, when I moved on to college is when I stopped, for about a year but I would love to get back in to it again.

  • Hannah Roupee (Sunday, April 29 18 09:58 am BST)

    Hello! I was wondering how I go about getting involved with a team in this league?! I live in Barrowford and haven’t played since university but really keen to get back into it again. Used to play C or WA/WD but happy to go in any position needed though not very tall. Looks forward to hearing from you!

  • Tori (Tuesday, March 27 18 09:14 pm BST)

    Looking for a GS & WA for the summer league. Citrus will be in division 5.
    Please text 07582149745.
    Thanks Tori

  • Gemma holden (Saturday, March 24 18 09:23 am GMT)

    Looking for a gk to join our friendly team we will be in division 4 in summer

  • Cassie Mullins (Monday, March 12 18 12:08 pm GMT)

    Looking for players wanting to play in the summer league. We are currently division 2/3 and ideally need players wanting to play on a regular basis any positions considered but many GS and centre court

  • Sharna Hacking (Wednesday, February 28 18 11:31 am GMT)


    I’m 22 and played Netball all the way through school however am wanting to get back into it now, I’m used to playing GA/GS if anybody needs an extra player?


  • DIANE LACKIE (Monday, April 03 17 12:18 pm BST)

    do you have a ladies veteran section. I played a lot when younger and would like to play again at 55 years old

  • Dani (Sunday, January 22 17 05:45 pm GMT)

    Hi , just wondering if anyone needs/wants another player for their team. I have played netball all through high school and I'm now in year 11.I've just moved to this area and I miss playing it every week.
    Normally play GD or WD but happy to play wherever I'm needed.Thanks

  • Darcie (Tuesday, October 04 16 05:17 pm BST)

    Still looking for a team to join. Am an A level PE student needing a team to join. Play WA/WD

  • Darcie Lonsdale (Tuesday, September 13 16 10:16 pm BST)

    hello, I've recently started my first year at college and i'm doing A level PE, im looking to quite urgently join a team as I've always enjoyed it playing it as i did it throughout my time at school
    and I've chosen it to be my main sport for A-level and i need to be in a team to be able to get footage of me playing it competitively. Just wondering where i go from here and if you are able to give
    me anymore info. Thank you!

  • Lisa (Tuesday, August 30 16 08:08 pm BST)

    Looking for Anybody wanting to play every week (Tuesday) and would feel comfortable playing in premier please get in touch 07816237370

  • Lauren Ibbetson (Thursday, August 04 16 04:42 pm BST)

    if anyone is looking for a netball player for the new season (I think it's September 2016) i will happily play. I'm 16 years old and love netball. My working hours are Monday-Friday, 6pm-10pm so any
    time apart from that should be fine

    contact number:

  • Debbie (Friday, July 29 16 11:27 am BST)

    We are looking for a gk or gd to play every Tuesday. We are in division 3. Please contact me if you fancy playing, thanks, Debbie 07940413409

  • Lauren (Thursday, July 14 16 08:24 pm BST)

    If any teams are looking for a player next season please message me. I play WA usually but happy to go anywhere - 07732797591 x

  • Rina Peyton (Wednesday, May 18 16 02:33 pm BST)

    Wanted players for division 4 - Ightenhill preferably GA/GS tel 07505124859. Thanks.

  • Chloe (Sunday, May 01 16 08:55 pm BST)

    We are looking for a gk or gd to play every Tuesday. We are in the 3rd division. Please contact me if you fancy a playing, thanks, Chloe 07841832603.

  • Rina Peyton (Thursday, April 28 16 07:55 pm BST)

    We are looking for a GA or GS - Ightenhill - just moved up a division. Please ring Rina on 07505124859. Thanks.

  • Lisa (Monday, April 25 16 09:30 pm BST)

    Looking for someone to play every Tuesday we are in premier devision msg me if ur interested any position really 07816237370

  • Anne-marie (Friday, April 08 16 07:56 pm BST)

    Hi, looking to join a team for the summer league. I play WA/WD/C/GD if anyone is needing a player give me a ring 07742074038. Cheers

  • Victoria (Tuesday, March 08 16 07:44 pm GMT)

    We are looking for a centre/wing player for the summer league on a Tuesday. We are in division 4.

  • Cassie Mullins (Sunday, March 06 16 01:45 pm GMT)

    Looking for a wing to play permanently on Tuesdays for mish mash. We will be in either division 1 or 2. Please contact me on 07794369779 if you are interested thanks Cassie

  • Emma (Saturday, February 20 16 10:43 am GMT)

    Hi. We are looking or a shooter to play every Thursday. We are currently in the premier league. Please contact me if your up for it 07543535806.

  • Lisa haworth (Sunday, January 10 16 02:16 pm GMT)

    Need players to play in premiership every tues

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